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Scores of dogs go missing or are stolen every week.

Some simply take themselves off on a doggie adventure and return of their own accord later. Others are still missing, leaving behind heartbroken owners still searching for them, months and even years later. A chip and/or a tattoo could have brought them home.

Still need convincing?

You can no longer assume dogs will be collected by the local warden and taken to nearby kennels. The overwhelming number of dogs being abandoned means they have to be sent to whoever has room for them. How will the rescue centre in Newcastle know their new dog has an owner in Wales looking for it if it has no chip....................................?????

Need another reason?

More than one dog A DAY is being stolen across the UK - from houses, gardens, kennels, cars and outside shops. Some are dumped and could find themselves in the same situation as the dog above. Others are sold on but could later be scanned by a vet, where their true identity is revealed and they are returned - against all odds.......

Microchipping and/or tattooing is an ESSENTIAL for ALL dog owners. Hundreds of owners have been reunited with their pets, against all odds, thanks to microchips.

It takes a few seconds and costs just a few pounds, but could save you a lifetime of heartache.

If you would like to find our more getting your animal (dog, cat or rabbit) microchipped please do contact us. Located near Bath and fully insured, I run a home service to most, SN, GL, BA, BS & NP postcodes. I also chip litters, please ask about discount.